Driving Innovation Through Specialist Garment Solutions

Using the latest fabric innovations and technologies, MB Workwear manufactures specialised and technologically advanced garments that provide workers with unrivalled protection and comfort.

Recognised for their uncompromising attitude towards quality, they produce a full range of garments for the mining, foundry, steel, oil and gas, petrochemical and utilities industries. Notable developments and innovations used in the manufacture of these garments include the Zeroflame®, Zeroflame® Acid Resistant, Nomex®, Vinex® and Alumax technologies.

Recently, MB Workwear added another innovation to their impressive list of specialised garments. Protal® Electric Arc is an antistatic and inherently flame resistant range of coveralls that has been specially designed to meet the evolving needs of the industries it serves.

The fabric is manufactured using Protal® technology by a local manufacturer, Gelvenor Textiles. Located in Hammersdale, Gelvenor Textiles has been producing high quality technically engineered fabrics for over 50 years; making them an experienced and valuable partner in MB Workwear’s manufacturing process.

Manufactured to provide antistatic and inherently flame resistant properties, Protal® Electric Arc is the ideal PPE solution for people working in industries where flash fires and electric arc are a daily threat. This globally compliant PPE solution incorporates advanced flame resistant technology to prevent the fabric melting, dripping or sticking to the skin during flash fires. When flames come into contact with the unique blend of fibres in Protal® Electric Arc, tiny amounts of non-burning inert gasses repel oxygen away from the surface of the fabric – creating a barrier that protects the wearer and extinguishes the flame.

In addition to these protective properties, the Protal® Electric Arc range is also lightweight and comfortable, and the balanced blend of fibres creates a highly effective moisture management system which enables the wearer to operate in comfort while enjoying complete protection.