Manufacturing Success through Intelligence and Innovation

By placing a premium on innovation and an unwavering commitment to pioneer the development of specialised fabrics and protective gear, MB Workwear has become a safety solutions expert in the workwear manufacturing industry. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, this innovative company combines its high volume manufacturing capabilities with excellence and innovation to push the boundaries and continually produce superior quality workwear.

Over the years the company has worked tirelessly to develop associations with strategic fabric suppliers, designers and technicians in order to develop specialised fabrics that meet the constantly evolving needs of the industries it serves.Today they produce a full range of garments for all requirements, with special focus on the protective clothing needs in the mining, construction, chemical, oil and gas and agricultural industries.

Renowned for excellence in developing specialised fabrics and fabric treatments, the company has introduced a number of ground breaking products to the workwear market. The most noteworthy of these is MB Workwear’s exclusive Zeroflame and Zeroflame Acid Resistant – as well as Nomex┬« flame retardant – coveralls. Other specialised fabrics such as their Polyviscose blends, acid resistant polycottons, high visibility protective clothing, chainsaw trousers, aluminium splash protection and anti-static fabrics, which are blended with carbon fibres and used in the Electric Arc and OGP industries, are other examples of the extent of their innovative capabilities.

This ability to continue to innovate in a fast paced and demanding industry is largely due to their considerable investment in increasing production efficiencies and workmanship precision. These investments range from automated machinery to constant management and supervisory training, skills development training and improved software installations.

It is this innovation, an ‘obsession’ with quality and safety, and a client-centred approach to manufacturing that drives MB Workwear to continually develop improved workwear solutions. This kind of customer service and innovation, and of course the strictest adherence to quality standards, has enabled MB Workwear to produce protective clothing that is rated amongst the best, not just in South Africa, but across the globe.

Ultimately, dedicated work ethic and commitment to innovative design has truly put MB Workwear ahead of the pack. They push to consistently improve their products and services to ensure the best safetywear solutions for all industries, living up to their motto: “Safety Obsessed, Quality Driven”.